...do what now?

Okay, I'm out of funny. Not sure why. I thought I still had some in a desk drawer somewhere, but nope. It's almost as embarrassing and inconvenient as running out of toilet paper when guests are over for a chili dinner. Only it's IN MY HEAD!

Perhaps it's because I'm looking forward to being off from work next week and having trouble focusing on anything else. Or because I'm sleepy and having trouble focusing on anything else. Or I'm having trouble focusing on anything else just because. I have no idea.

So rather than take up anymore valuable internet space with this pointless babble, I will send you to someplace that is both wrong and funny (sorry Jenn).

Explore it this weekend. Share it with your friends and neighbors. Discuss it among yourselves. There will be a quiz later.

The Scout Walker Kama Sutra

You all have a good weekend and I will see if I can find some time in the coming week to put together a half-assed comic. Or card. Or... you know. Something half-assed.


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