music (for robots)

music (for robots)

Um. More music.

I should let you all know that strange music is a bit of a hobby of mine. I like it. Half the time when Derek is listening to something that people walking through the department ask, "What the...?" he replies with, "I got it from Collin."

Anyway, all last year (2003) Otis Fodder ran the 365-Days project where he was posting one song a day for the entire year. Halfway through January of this year the links were closed down, so if you didn't get it then you would have to do some looking.

Well, it seems that there is a place to go now to get the songs in a very organized fashion. Here it is. Some of them are very good, some are very weird, and a lot are VERY bad. But they are free. And a lot of the stories about the songs are interesting.

Otis also runs Comfort Stand Recordings: "a community-driven label where all releases are free with artwork and liner notes. We strive to bring you recordings that we find interesting, compelling and downright enjoyable. Everybody needs free music." And their catalog is really growing. I can't vouch for all of it, but I REALLY liked their first offering Two Zombies Later

And, as long as I'm pimping for free music that I find interesting, take a look at Mark Maynard's band (well, okay, all of the members' band) "The Monkey Power Trio": "The Monkey Power Trio only plays one day a year.
On that day, they only work for a few hours.
In that time, they somehow always manage to create works of inspired genius."

All of their music can be downloaded from their site, but if you own a turntable you REALLY should buy the actual albums.

I'm TRYING to assemble a video for their song "Someday We'll Reach the Moon", but my current level of Flash skills are lacking... in skill. I'm starting to feel like Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club when he's talking about his elephant lamp project. "It looked easy, but when I pulled on the thing it didn't work..." But the art looks good. I think.

I was supposed to be done a long damn time ago. So if any of my visitors happen to have the skills, the time and the interest to help out with getting this video done and in Mark's hands, please let me know.

And that's it for today. Have fun everyone!


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