Illustration Friday: "Cake"

Here it is, with a few steps as well. Damn near too late.


Step 1: Sketch out the idea to see if it is more lame than I thought. Decide it's pretty lame, but I got nothing else. Well, I do, but don't have nearly the time needed. Press on.

Step 2: Start dropping in those vector shapes, leaving the pencil lines in a set as the top layer for a guide (40% opacity so they don't interfere much). All shapes built beneath the guide lines. Turn them off and on when needed.

Step 3: Move on to the cake. Get it close to the way I like it. Stop tracking what I'm doing. Go into text mode for the steps from this point on.

Steps 4-500: After I had the cake the way I liked it, I dropped in the orange background, made the word balloon and re-organized the type to fit better. Fiddled with the bottom text, dropped in my signature, moved on to the kid. Got his head mostly made when I realized that he is far too old/tall for the number of candles on the cake, so I doubled the number of candles on the cake by duplicating the set of existing candles, flipping it, rotating it and placing a grouped hue/saturation adjustment layer on the rearmost candles to make them a bit darker. Went back to the kid, finished his head, moved on to his body, added a chair, considered messing with it further, went "nah" and stopped.

There you go. Is that a tutorial or what?

Comments welcome, as always.


kaitlin choi said…
LOL, i think this is great! i like your choice of font for the cake.
Alina Chau said…
Ooooh poor cake!! LOL Love the illo!
TXArtcGal said…
LOL! Fun illo!...and, love the concept!! You always come up with something creative for these goofy topics! Great job!
Heather said…
Very cute. I was afraid you weren't going to come up with anything. I think the cake is cute!
Lou said…
I'm on the cake's side. :) You did a great job with this!
Pat Angello said…
Is that Paul McCartney?
Sea Angel said…
"Blow me and eat me"
LMAO!!! (I am so perverted)

I'm too on the cake's side.

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