Illustration Friday: Portrait

No, I wasn't terribly inspired by this topic, but I decided that I needed to treat it like a job and just get it done regardless of my lack of creative juices. Frickin' juices.

So, here's the first attempt:


In my defense, it was a lot better in my head. Also, remember, I said I wasn't feeling very creative.

Then I started shape doodling and came up with this:


The way I see it, if a teenager were able to set his head on fire and walk around like that all day, he would. I would have, and I'm not even named Bernie.

And the final one is from a couple years back. Iggy Pop:

not clickable.

In hindsight, it was stupid to stop his neck and hair above the level of his chin and that has been bothering me more each time I look at it. Oh well. If I ever really want to fix it at some point, I can.

I hope the next topic matches my interests a bit more. Then again, I didn't think "tea" would have worked worth a damn either.

Have a great weekend all.


Heather said…
I like Bernie. He looks a little loopy amd dangerous but I'd be his friend. :)
Natalia said…
bernie might be on avenue Q? i bet if anywhere you can run around all day with that hair it would be "only in NY" ... anyway i like him too.
Pat Angello said…
Bernie reminds me of Cartman at the age of 30 - drunk off his ASS!
Alina Chau said…
I love the top piece a lot!! He is soo funny!! very cool illos!
ValGalArt said…
you are so darn funny and creative!!! Geez I'm afraid that when you find the theme inspiring you will come up with 20 ideas!!! Iggy looks awesome!!! Great work Collin
Arioch said…
The first one is so strange and funny.Cute idea!
TXArtcGal said…
We'll see if this posts! Blogger hasn't liked me the last few days!

I have to say...I like all three of your portraits...even the first goofy one. I can see him talking in a cartoon telling his little brother, the popsicle go suck himself. And that second kid?...a little hot headed, eh?

Anyway...regardless of whether or not you are inspired with the topics...I feel your illos always come out fantastic!
Derek Knight said…
Bernie is the MAN! YEAH!
Kathleen said…
You're my new hero...I *adore* Iggy.

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