There will be no IF post this week.

At least not by me.

I don't know if I've ever felt less like drawing than I have this week. Although the potential awesomeness that could come from "Jungle" is something that has been missing from the last several topics, absolutely nothing is compelling me to do it. So, I'm sorry to anyone who might have been looking forward to it. Next week might be better.


mishka said…
funny i was considering posint a similar comment to MY blog! LOL I'm using this week to catch up on my website redesign project!
See you next time.
Derek Knight said…
I'm thinking about just recycling that darn Monkey for the theme. But then again: what happens if the theme someday happens to be monkey?

TXArtcGal said…
I happen to be listening to your blogcast now! "I'll never tell..."

Anyway, sorry to see you don't have an Illustration this week. I wasn't motivated, and did a quickie myself. Not sure why I wasn't motivated?...other than pure laziness, I guess.

Until next week!

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