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I was on my way in to work and I noticed the driver in front of me had a "Jesus Fish" on the back of his car. Nothing unusual there, of course, especially around Colorado Springs. But for some reason this one captured my interest. It was filled with lettering, similar to "JESUS", but it wasn't "JESUS". It took me a couple seconds to work it out, mostly because "it was small and I wasn't close" rather than "I'm slow in the head". At first I thought it might be "DARWIN", but the fish was legless. It turned out it was "BLOW ME".


It made me wonder if the driver was a Christian that was tired of people reacting with hostility to his open display of religiosity*, or was he an atheist offering air conditioning advice to the multitude of Christians around him?

As I drove on it continued to tick over in my brain and I thought, if he was a Christian – rather than an atheist as I actually suspect – tired of his faith being attacked, what symbol would better convey at a distance "Don't mess with me and my brand of God!"?

I started thinking of various underwater critters that broadcast "DON'T TOUCH!" Apart from Aquaman.

"Jellyfish" was the first to pop into my head, however it would be a bit hard to symbolize and might get confused with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. One thing you don't want in a symbol is confusion.

The shark would be a good choice, but it's been done (about 3/4 down the page, and you can also see the "Blow Me" fish for sale there as well).

Then I thought of the puffer fish. Mild most of the time, but mess with him and he blows up in your face. That sounds just about perfect. So here it is, the "Jesus Puffer Fish":

Nothing says "Don't mess with me and my God" like the "Jesus Puffer Fish"! Many products are at this very moment sporting the "JPF" at my CafePress shop (direct link). All proceeds from the sale of "JPF" products goes to the "Getting my broke ass out of debt" fund.

In other news, I don't think I'll be participating in this week's Illustration Friday topic. But then again, who knows? In case I don't, have a great week everyone.

* Holy crap! "Religiosity" is a real word! Here I was thinking I was being funny, making it up and not only is it real and the perfect word for the point I was making, I spelled it right straight off the bat! You have no idea how rare that is for me.


andy K said…
I wonder how many puffer fish it would have taken to feed the masses at the Sermon on the Mount?
Andy K said…
Just for the sake of accuracy, Jesus didn't feed the masses at the Semon on the was Cory (kidding, it was another sermon).
Collin said…
Pat Angello said…
Oh, prickly Uncle Jesus!
Kathleen said…
I'm thinking the person wasn't necessarily an atheist, just someone damn tired of the Religious Right. I'm Catholic and even go to church, but I would totally put one of those on my car - except that I would have to then deal with the Religious Right members of my family and that's just not worth it.

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