IF: "Fortune" - early for once.

A really quick sketch/illustration for this week's Illustration Friday word, "Fortune":

Illustration Friday: "Fortune"

Like I said, really quick. I don't quite like it, but I also don't think I'll have enough time to do anything better. Drawn in Alias Sketchbook Pro.

The initial, uncolored sketch:

Illustration Friday: "Fortune"-sketch

I have a project involving drawing zombies that I hope to get to sometime this weekend. Ish. I'll post more about that later.


studio lolo said…
I like this...love the scribbly lines in the background and the looseness of the drawing!
Derek Knight said…
you know, it's so different from your usual style. So much so, that it's...It doesn't even seem like yours.

It's not bad, quit being all negative.
I'd be thrilled if I could complain about work like this! It's terrific, quit your whining.
Ammon said…
Quick or not I think that your style is great.

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