It's Wennnnsday!

I forgot to mention it last week, and possibly the week before, but here it is Wednesday again. Although it wasn't the 'being Wednesday' that I forgot to mention, so much as the reminder that a new episode of Derek's and my podcast is up for the listening.

As Derek says: Clicky to listen!

Justin Interviews the Game Jew

It's also quickly coming time for me to get my act together. Literally. Freak Train is on the 30th and I'm expected to "do" something. What? I have no idea. I have at best 30 seconds of something I could do, and that's if I talk slowly.

Derek feels I should assemble an act around that Weenie spam that I mentioned awhile ago, but I don't think it would work so well. You may not realize it but I blush pretty easily. And deeply. A fact that used to be somewhat hidden by my mass of facial hair. I can write about Weenie spam with no problem, but talking about it is something else. And the blush just gets worse when I know it's there.

Then again, that could be quite an act. Get up there and totally embarrass the hell out of myself to the point where my face is purple with shame and yet still be funny enough that people laugh – I hope – and they feel bad doing it because, damn! Look at me! How can you sit there and laugh at me?! My face is freakin' purple!

Okay, while typing this I developed some "ideas". Not about blushing. I'm still going to avoid that as much as possible. I think the act is going to revolve around pet names that people give to each other and their various "parts". Okay. There may be some blushing. But it still might be good. I'll work on it.


JewWario said…
Personally, I still think you should do that thing where you "call" in from the lobby... or your seat while I hold the phone with a dead-pan stare. Great Googally Moogally would that be funny!

The whole skit could be about how you've got stage fright.
Heather said…
Yes! That would be funny!!!! OMG - I would take off work to see that! :)

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