It's a zombie kinda Tuesday

The last zombie sketch had a few problems. It turns out the tentacles were supposed to be more 'octopus' like and they were supposed to emerge exclusively from the head of the zombie: "sides and crown." Also, the extra head looked far too happy ("HI MOM!" he's saying while waving his wee fingers), which I knew but had no time to change. I wanted to get it sent off so I could gauge if I was close or not. It was practice sketching if nothing else. This next sketch was done in about a third the time, but is much closer to what the author wants:

On seeing it he said, "That is freaking awesome! Keep up the good work!"

I have a few more versions of heads in mind that I need to sketch out later when I have time, then I will set about refining them into full bodies and then finished pieces. I'm still not sure what style I'm going to do them in. Possibly a mix between graphic and line.

Have a great week all. I'll try to have an illustration done for this weeks IF word "polar" either tomorrow or at the last minute on Thursday.


Heather said…
Yuck. He's pretty ugly and drippy. But it IS freaking awesome, baby! Great job as always!

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