Well aren't I the hoity-toity elitist snob?

I've been trying to figure out why I'm getting so many visitors lately. I don't think anything I've said or done is terribly newsworthy, and I'm not getting more comments than usual. I'm betting it's a fluke. A ghost in the machine playing with me. However, during my time spent seeking where this influx of traffic is from, I came across my "Kinja card", something I didn't even know existed. It has some interesting breakdowns, including the news that I have one star of popularity and I'm not in the top 100,000 blogs. Whew! I was getting worried.

Another thing I saw was under "language tools"... 'Analyze readability.' I decided to give it a go. It turns out my readability is a bit above The Wall Street Journal's:

And yet the Bible is as easy to read as the TV Guide. And easier than Reader's Digest. If you think about that with a cynical, jaded mind it explains a LOT.

Derek's site is much more readable than mine. He's between the Bible and the Reader's Digest.

I'm afraid I have to blame my dad for this. "Build your vocabulary! Nobody will respect you and you won't be successful unless you have a large vocabulary!" This was reinforced though weekly quizzes when I was a teenager. Thanks dad. Now I'm difficult to read. Also, that 'respect' and 'success' you mentioned... when is that supposed to kick in?

Still, to all of you visitors that keep coming by for whatever reason, thanks!


This week's Illustration Friday topic is "Polar" as suggested by Jared von Hindman of Head Injury Theater. So I give you "Polar Bear and Eskimo in a Blizzard":


My real submission will be some time next week. Have a great weekend.


Derek Knight said…
just because Jared suggested it, I'm going to make sure I do it. It would also do to make our submissions odd...You know, in honor of Jared.

I have 1 star of Kinja popularity too, man...You know why? That's the lowest possible rating.

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