Monday. Again. Sigh.

A little over a week ago I had just finished reading Orson Scott Card's novel "Ender's Game"

It was a great book.

At around the same time Randall Munroe put up this comic at xkcd:

It's a great comic. But only if you've read the book. Otherwise it's "wtf?"

Still. Fun coincidence.


On an unrelated note, I shaved off all of my facial hair on Friday. After I'd finished, I wiped away the lingering foam, took a good look in the mirror and thought, "Now I remember why I grew a beard in the first place." Luckily Heather still loves me, although both of my children screamed when they saw me. Seriously. No joke. Derek says I look less scary. Less threatening. Where's the fun in that? Especially since I have a teenager to keep in line. Grow little hairs, grow!


Heather said…
I do still love you. Justin's scream was hilarious!! Speaking of hilarious, Jordyn was trying to say that word today and she was pronouncing it "owlarious" and was shocked, simply shocked, when she learned she was saying it wrong. "Hill - ariuos doesn't sound like a word," she said...
kathy g said…
i LOVE the ender books! Not so great on audiobooks, however... cant believe you shaved! how you gonna do a fumanchu now?? awwww....

Miss you guys!
Derek Knight said…
It's just so darn strange to see that shorn face again...It's been YEARS!
And to think that I won't see that shaven face until the end of the month when you go to Denver with us. (sigh)

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