The "flock"* have spoken.

And quite a few of them at that. I'm surprised. So, without eyes it is. It seems that Copygodd and I were the only ones that preferred "with". Thank you to all who participated in my "market research". I've now added a new section to my Zombie Gear where you can find this:

as well as many other products, all reasonably priced for CafePress. I even made a thong available! Personally, I'm partial to the teddy bear.

"Hug me while I spread chaos through your life! Muhahahaha! HUG ME! Mind the ribbon..."

I also want to point out that the tote bag is printed on both sides. Ooooooooo! Now you can fashionably say "Up with Anarchy!" whilst toting things hither and yon.

And the wall clock appears to have NO NUMBERS! What says "anarchy" better than a clock with no numbers?! Nothing my friend.


Except possibly a mouse pad.

* If you are offended by being referred to as a a bunch of "flockers", blame Debra.


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