4th (final) Illustration

For the story "The Drain"

I haven't heard back on this one yet, so it may not actually be the final. We'll see what they think.

Now that that's (potentially) done, it's on to other things.

Have a great week.


Heather said…
That was a good story. This guy looks pretty happy to be in the drain or is he just happy to be messing with that dude?
Rayne said…
Okay, I know I'm missing the mark on this, but I think this one is kinda cute.
Anonymous said…
Yeah I agree, he looks like a frendly drain monster but then he does have some wicked teeth!! I hope they OK it, I like this one a lot.

grill said…
how you doin' all those squigglies? Did you scan that in or did you sit there and doodle that up on your wacom tablet? neato!
Derek Knight said…
Collin said…
Heather, Rayne & Nate: I told Bret that everyone seemed to think the drain creature was pretty happy and I offered to change it if he wanted me to, but he said he was pleased with it as it was. Go me.

Kathy: I doodle it up on my Wacom. It takes awhile.

Derek: He likes it there.
Rayne said…
I think I should have said that if I saw it in actual real life creeping out of my drain, closet or what ever, it would suddenly be a whole lot less cute and very scary.
Anonymous said…
Oh yay you!! I'm glad they liked him, he's fab!!


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