IF: Cars

I'm busy, so nothing new for this one. That said, here's something old:

This is a car that I made in Photoshop using vector layers and gradient effects:

I can't seem to locate the original file, so I can't offer a better view of it. If I find it in the next couple of days I'll update the post.

And since the theme of the week is "Cars" plural, here's the image that I made my illustration from:

Have a great weekend everyone.


Also, our latest podcast is up here. #51.


squatchyk said…
Nice work! I really like it.
Heather said…
zoom zoom
Rayne said…
Very nice work!
Anonymous said…
That is SO cool!! Vector layers are like THE most versatile thing ever!! amazing!!

You're very talented!!

Derek Knight said…
oh, Nate, quit making his ego inflate. His head is big as it is, you're going to make it impossible to interact with him.

Just kidding.
Anonymous said…
AHAHA!! Oh now credit where credit is due, Mr. Derek!! It's a pretty splendido car!!

Have I mentioned I love your little characters too?? Nope well I do, they're hilarious.

Now the two of you can have a fat head contest !!



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