Yet even more “Art“ of dubious value...

I tossed another quick drawing into one of the Something Awful MSPaint forums. This time the topic was “Animals on drugs”. I originally wasn't going to make anything for it, however one person requested that someone draw “a panda smoking a blunt.”

I've always wanted to draw a panda.

I wasn't going to show this to anyone outside of the SA forum, with the exception of Heather, because I don't find much funny about drug abuse. On the other hand I really like how the panda turned out for a fast freehand sketch.

So, in the end, drug abuse be damned. He didn't inhale. Here you go:


Anonymous said…
That is so cool!! when you say freehand, do you mean with a stylus or is it scanned in? It's great, kinda reminds me of Gaiman's drawings of Delirium in the Sandamn comics but then I am a sad sad girl!!!

Love it!! And yes, the panda looks a little toasted but I guess we have to let him off since he has good reason to want to leave reality for a bit. I mean, his people ARE becoming extinct... or maybe there are butt loads of them and they're all just zoned out in their caves toasted... hmmm...

Nice pic anyway, thanks for sharing it!!

Collin said…
I drew it with a stylus, but no tracing or anything like that, so "freehand." I used ArtRage since that seems to be an acceptable alternative to MSPaint in the SA forums.

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