It's Friday don'cha know.

(updated with the final illustration 5/29)

This has been one long, long week. Long I say! And barely a drop of fun to be had between the hours of 8am and 5:30pm. Next week should be "fun" though; I have jury duty starting (and hopefully ending) on Tuesday. First time. Wheee.

The only thing I have for you today is a post that I posted at my Visual Breakdown site earlier this week. It just ties together all of the zombie drawings I've been working on in a single post. The only thing new that I haven't already shown at this site is at the bottom.

Also, keeping in the zombie vein of this post, Heather showed me a trailer this morning for a movie coming out soon-ish: Fido. A must see for me. Thanks babe!

Those of you in the US, enjoy your extended Memorial Day weekend. Those of you elsewhere in the world, enjoy your regular two day weekend. Those of you with odd working hours... find something to enjoy and enjoy the living heck out of it!


Zombie "Fan-Art" for D.L. Snell's latest book "Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines"

First some sketches to try to flesh out the author's mental image of his zombies:

The second and third were the closest, although the tentacles needed to be narrower. With those in mind I made a thin line drawing that I would later add vector layers and more line work to:

Now the vector layers are done:

I'll update later with the final piece when it's done.

It's done. Here's the Black & White version:

and the color version:


Heather said…
Yeah, Fido looks great! And since I'm on odd working hour girl, I'll just have to find something!!
Heather said…
I love it!! It's awesomely creepy!
Anonymous said…
Oh that is so cool!! I LOVE the texturing, it's extremely creepy but in a fun way. LOVE it!!

Sorry you have been busy of late. Hopefully the 3 day weekend recharged some of those batteries.

Nice work!!

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