Succumbed to da' Debbil.

That's right. I've given up. I now have a MySpace page. Here. It's pretty barren so far. It'll probably stay that way for awhile. The plans I don't have for it could fill entire libraries with void. But it's there. Just a'sittin'.

Anyhow, if you also have a MySpace page and would like to be added as a friend, do that voodoo that you do to let me know and I'll do what needs to be done.

No zombie today. Sorry.


Heather said…
See? Isn't it fun? And you were automatically my #1 friend! Yay you!
Anonymous said…
yay!! I shall hop skip and jump to MySpack now!! Hey, I'm working on a project thingie for a games cometition right now and I wondered *inserts SUPER winning grin* if you were likely to be doing a video on converting a sketch in to a cartoon with all the vector thingies and such soon. I am having horrible trouble with a picture I want to submit and I have been drawing it in Photoshop but it's all fuzzy. you get those wonderful clean lines and I wondered how... I would be REALLY graeful if you could help me out.

Frankly, Mr. Collin, you rock.

Take care and I'll see you on 'The Other Side'


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