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I'm doing four illustrations in my "sketch" style for four stories that are being collected in an anthology called 'Fried! Fast Food, Slow Death.' being put out by Graveside Tales.

Two are done, and follow below, and I'm waiting on stories for the other two. My deadline is the end of July, so I'm doing pretty good so far. This is very loosely connected to the zombies I was sketching before, in that one of the people responsible for putting this book together saw my sketches at the other book's forum and liked the style.

On to the art.

'Clipped' written by Jodi Lee

'Snailwart' written by MP Johnson

And yes, that's nasty. But the story is fairly nasty as well. And it's from the story.

I'll post the others as they are done and approved, and I'll let everyone know when the book is available.

I'm not going to be participating in Illustration Friday this week, as the word is "Citrus" and I have other things that I should be working on. I may change my mind, but it's not likely.


Derek Knight said…
so I clicked through to Graveside and found that they pay the pittance of $10-$15 (US) for artwork. You know, I'm all for things like "exposure" and "helpin' folks out," but...Brotha', these represent far more work than a trip to Taco Bell...
Heather said…
Promise me you won't forget me on your trips to Taco Bell, k? I love them!!! Good job!
Anonymous said…
They're great!!

Derek is right tho, it seems like a horribly low compensation rate for such detailed pieces- especially if they own the rights afterwards.

Oh well, it's all good exposure. And at least you ARE getting paid for them. I'll be interested in seeing them in their final resting place too so keep us all posted if you will.

Oh and that snail piece is gross! But good gross, you really hit the (s)nail on the head there- OYE!! I'm especially intrigued by that story.

Enjoy those tacos!!

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