Fizzles - Things that make my brain sad.

This is where I'll be putting things that I didn't really care for.

As I stated earlier, I'm a rabid animation buff. At least a third of my DVD collection consists of animation titles. This includes Anime as well as more traditional stuff.

Recently, I purchased the complete 'Dilbert' collection. I had seen a few episodes of the Dilbert cartoon back when it was still running on TV, but never could condition myself to view it regularly. I always have that problem with TV shows. It's a good thing I'm not relied on to determine programming.

I liked what I had seen on those few occasions I caught the show, and I liked the comic strip it's based on. The entire run of the series, 30 episodes, was released as a 4-disc set. After finishing the series I could see why the it was cancelled. Over the whole thing there were maybe five or six that I recall really enjoying. Or even really recall. And the final two episodes were run as one of the lamest two part stories I've ever seen. It made the angels cry tears of blood. Okay, perhaps not, but it was bad. Instead of going out with a bang, it was like they decided to go out with a "What the ???" It may have even managed to kill my love for the comic strip.

It sells new at this time for around $36. If you can find it for around $15, I would say it's worth getting. As long as you avoid watching the last two episodes.


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