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Until I decide on something better to call this, under this heading is where I'm going to post the things that I've recently enjoyed. There will be no set schedule for when I will be presenting this "feature".

The Triplets of Belleville (Rotten Tomatoes page / Home Site) - If this is still playing in your area, or it's out on DVD by the time you read this, and you enjoy fantastic hand drawn animation, you really should check it out.

Both of the linked sites have different clips that will give you an idea what you are in for. The animation is French, and a good portion of the dialog is in French, un-subtitled. Fortunately the sound effects are in English and the story isn't dialog driven, so you can usually tell what is going on even if you don't speak a lick of French. (French lick...hmmmm...mind wandering...get...back...on TRACK)

It's only 80 minutes long, however for me that felt just about right. However the pacing is a bit slow at times and if you are impatient you may not get the same level of enjoyment from it as I did. The times when it was feeling slow I just tried to take in the massive amount of detail that went into the animation. However, I'm an animation geek. I do things like that. Also, my ten-year-old son stayed awake through the whole thing, so it couldn't be that slow.

This is one that I will be adding to my collection as soon as it comes out. Highly recommend.

For another, more cohesive and intelligent review, go here.


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