An Ass-whalloping Good Time

Karaoke is fun. I feel that I am less than good at it, but that's to be expected. Derek posted the photos from the last bar located karaoke night that I was a part of. I still haven't forgiven him just yet. Especially for the ears plugged photo.

So, in an attempt to find out if I can actually manage to sing away from the mega-stress that I feel in a bar situation, I picked up the Playstation 2 game "Karaoke Revolution". It was very fun, and I may even be getting better at singing. We'll see.

Last week Heather came over and we played the game for a bit in a non-competitive mode for a while, then we decided to try out the multiplayer Arcade mode. In that mode you each choose a song for the first two rounds and try to out sing your opponent. The person with the higher score takes that round. For the final round the game chooses a random song for each player and you just do the best with what you get. Like I said, fun.

Now, when Heather was playing the single player mode she was getting platinum (over 20,000 points) on ever song she tried. I hadn't gotten platinum on a single song in the game yet. So I figured I was going to get totally smoked. We played and some kind of miracle happened and I won. I hit platinum on all three songs (I think). And then we stopped for the night.

Last night she wanted a rematch. I got creamed. I was lucky to beat her on a single song each game. We played a bit differently. For one, all of our songs were chosen at random instead of just the last one so neither of us could stack the deck with songs we were good at. Then, about halfway through my crushing I also realized the other night she was playing at normal difficulty, and I was on easy. This time we were on equal footing and she verbally destroyed me.

But I'm not giving up! I will yet win! And perhaps I will learn to sing withut all of that enunciating stuff.



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