What's YOUR Wienermobile™ wish?

I was making a highly nutritious dinner of Oscar Mayer® Wieners the other night (made with turkey and pork). Yeah, I know, blah blah blah bugs, blah blah blah lips and arseholes. I agree, they are nasty, but they taste good if you don't allow yourself to think about it. That's how people manage to eat grubs and haggis. This way you get all that PLUS turkey and pork. And it's not like they've used them in an episode of Fear Factor yet.

Is Fear Factor still on the air?

Anyhow. I was about to toss out the paper wrapper when I noticed an opportunity of a lifetime that I wanted to pass on to all of you. From now until 7/29/04 (so, not very long really) you can win your wish with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile™! Wish valued up to $5000.

What is the Wienermobile™? Follow that link to find out all you want to know about it.

And here is the contest:
"What's your wish with the Wienermobile™? Fill in your wish in 50 words or less and it could come true! 'Oh, I wish...'"
And then six lines for writing out your wish and standard information request (name, address, date of birth, etc.). One thing to note however, no P.O. Boxes! No Wienermobile™ weekend for the homeless!

They also say to go to oscarmayer.com for more ways to win. I checked it out, thinking that perhaps you could win by taking photos of wieners in happy places or something.

Apparently not.

During the month of June you could have bid on the chance to have the Wienermobile™ vehicle for a weekend and up to $5,000 to make your wish come true! But noooooo. You were too slow.

Here is the auction result.

The wording of the auction interests me. It's that "chance" word. The package that tallpaul56 won for $10,600 doesn't actually seem to say that he WILL get to have the Wienermobile™ for those two days, just the chance and all the other tangibles (weenies, gift pack and 2 kids bikes). He still has to have his wish approved by Oscar Mayer®. He could still miss out. If I were him that would piss me off sideways to spend that kind of money and not get to go on the weekend ride. But who knows. Perhaps tallpaul56 has deep pockets. And it's for a good cause.

And if filling out a wrapper isn't your idea of likely, you can apparently enter online here. I say "apparently" because two screens in it wants your email address and I'm just not that keen to play. The only wishes that I can think of run counter to their requirements: "Keep in mind you'll be judged on Originality & Creativity, Integration of the Wienermobile™ in your wish, and Elements of Goodwill. So, from fun with your family to helping the community – be creative and your wish with the Wienermobile™ could be granted!"

It's that "Elements of Goodwill" that is the sticker. The only things I can think of are either mundane or evil. The mundane wouldn't win because it's... mundane. And the evil wouldn't win because evil NEVER wins. I could try to use some of my 50 words to point out how fantastic the publicity would be, but I doubt they would buy it. And then they would have my email address to pass on to the authorities and we don't really want that.

So, my wish for the Wienermobile™ will never come true, or even really be fully formed. I am curious to know what you visitors would wish to do with it though. So, please, comment and share. Unless you are "in it to win it", in which case head over to the site and enter soon because time is running out! You could be one of the 50 big wiener winners! Or, just be satisfied with entertaining us.

You know.



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