Heather's Mermaid

(deleted and reposted)
I'm having strange freaking problems with this. For whatever reason it's adding characters to the end of the picture links that shouldn't be there. If this still isn't posting right you will see a broken link icon. Click it. Odds are it will take you to a page that is empty. Look up in the address bar and delete ANYTHING that comes after the ".jpg".

The link should be:
and nothing else. Sorry about that. I have no idea what's wrong.

Fixed it. Better late than never, no?

Original post follows...
About a month and a half ago Heather had asked me if I would be willing to draw a mermaid for her. She said she liked my artistic style. It took me long enough, but I really like the end result. Here it is:

Click the smaller image (or broken link icon) for larger version. Or copy and paste the above link. I have NO idea what's wrong.


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