My entry in this week's story game.

Here it is. Everyone still has nearly a day and a half to get a story written for the game. Come! Frolic! Release your inner cowboy! (The theme for the stories this time around for anyone who hasn't looked is "western")


Jojo had never wanted to be a rodeo clown. It was just one of those things that happen to people when they aren't paying enough attention to where they are going. Like getting clipped by a train. Or gang raped by the gorillas at the zoo. All you can really do is roll with it and hope for the best. And in the case of the gorillas learn to not walk around a zoo with a banana in your back pocket.

But that was then, and this is now. And now Jojo was facing an enraged bull.

Moments earlier it had tossed and trampled its rider and was now bearing down on Jojo like a freight train. Or a pack of gorillas. Whichever. It sucked either way.

What Jojo wanted to do at that moment, more than anything was to run from the stadium out into the street, screaming and shedding his clown clothes the whole way. But he couldn't move. He was terrified; frozen with fear.

All of the clown schooling in the world hadn't prepared him for the horrible creature that was hellbent on trampling him into the dirt. Much less two weeks at 'Willie Bob's Emporium of Clown Teaching & Learning'.

It was his first time in the field and he was about to die.

His mind raced back to what his mentor, Willie Bob, had told him before giving him his own lucky red nose and running off to play in the flowers.

"Jojo, the most important thing to remember to do when a bull is about to trample you to death and you are frozen with fear is to... Look! Butterflies!"


'That's fifty bucks I won't be seeing again any time soon.' he thought as the bull crashed full force into him. The impact knocked the wind out of him and sent him spiraling into the air.

Freed from the burden of gravity, with stars flashing through his skull, he realized that his time working as a rodeo clown had come to an end.

Next stop: Cowboy!


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