Jesus Beanies

Jesus Beanies

So. Hmmm. Here's a quote from their sidebar:

"New Brown-Eyed Jesus Beanie...
We have a new edition to the Jesus Beanies line. Currently we have a small amount of brown-eyed Jesus Beanies, instead of the original blue-eyed Jesus Beanie. This is a small test sample. There is no additional charge for the brown-eyed Jesus, but if you desire this new beanie, please make sure you select the correct version upon ordering."

Or, you can leave it to God to sort it out. However they are NOT at this time offering a blue-eyed Moses Beanie ("The Moses Beanie:Give Me Ten!" or "Moses Beanies: Making the Law Loveable"... I WISH I was that funny), so don't ask.

"small test sample" = "mistake, but we can't find anyone willing to rip the eyes off of 50 Jesus Beanies."

I will buy a Coke for the first person that sends me an actual photo of a Jeasus Beanie (blue or brown-eyed, I'm not picky) velcroed to a cross. Or riding an Easter Bunny. Photographer's choice.*

*You have to come here for the Coke. I'm not shipping anything.


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