Coinkydinky Day

On Saturday Heather and I were on our way back from doing a bit of Christmas shopping (were we ran across Derek and his wife Heather at their mom's store) when we noticed a few things that seemed interconnected and odd.

There was a white car in front and to the right of us that was missing it's front-passenger side quarter panel.

The truck right behind that car was missing the same quarter panel.

We thought they might be traveling together but when we came to a red light the car moved into the left turn lane and the truck stayed beside us.

The car that was now in front of the truck at the light started to pull into the intersection when the green arrow came on for the turning lane and nearly smashed into the opposing traffic. I examined the car of the fool for any indication of why he might be so stupid (as I like to do when it's not me being stupid) and noticed that he had the little handicapped symbol on his license plate (in the place of the hyphen between the numbers. That's how we do it here.) and thought, "ah. old guy. glad he's in front of us."

And then I noticed that the car directly in front of us ALSO had the handicapped hyphen on his plate (but he didn't pull into oncoming traffic)

When I pointed it out to Heather she agreed that it was weird and wondered what else might be going on. Since I wasn't the one driving I started looking around and saw that the car in front of us (unconfused handicapped driver) had a large yellow "Support the troops" ribbon magnet on his back end AND we saw that the truck with the missing quarter panel ALSO had a large "Troop" ribbon magnet on his truck when he got a bit ahead of us.

But Heather said that they weren't the same type of magnet, so it didn't count. The truck's was half yellow and half US flag pattern. BUT THEN the car in front of us turned off to the right and we caught up with "Death Wish on Wheels" and HE had two small, totally flag patterned "Troop" magnets on either side of his license plates.

I know that if you look hard enough you can find similar things almost anywhere, but still it was interesting (to us at least).

And there were a few other coincidences throughout the day that I can't really recall now since I didn't really think to keep track after the initial oddness. I wasn't even really planning on posting about it, but something was said in a conversation a bit ago about coincidence and it reminded me.

So there you go. Happy Monday all.


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