A quick thwack to the back of the noggin.

(Warning: this post contains a bit of naughty language down around the end. Mom.)

That's what the lady in front of me at the drink dispenser at Schlotzky's yesterday needed. And badly.

I understand "rude" and have probably committed acts in public that would be deemed "rude" but this lady has me topped. I think I would have to actually pee on someone's leg to make them as annoyed as she made me.

Perhaps I'm overreacting. You decide. Here's what she did:

She stood at the soda fountain, blocking it from anyone else that wanted to use it (me), put ice in her cup, then took out her cell phone and made a call (with a one handed balancing act to dial since she was holding her cup in her other hand). THEN she filled her cup with Diet Coke while I just stood there next to her staring at her in disbelief.

Should I have reached out and thwacked her? Or perhaps jostled her a bit so her phone fell in her cup? Alas I did nothing but wait it out like the good civilian I am.

I wish I'd had the nerve to at least say, loudly, "For the love of Saint Fuckerpants lady! You aren't the only person in the world you know! Hell, you're CALLING someone so you SHOULD know! If your call is SO important that you can't wait until you finished getting your drink then step the fuck out of line! Bitch!"

But I guess that's just not me.


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