An enjoyable story, although a tinch short.

Almost a week ago I stumbled across "The Kif Pit" while blog hopping. As it happened* I was only a couple of posts away from this post where Kif was venting about some criticism her mother had tossed sideways at her regarding a story that she had written and then submitted to a "gang of yahoos" on the internet to offer critiques. Her mom felt they had ruined the story and that Kif shouldn't have listened to them. Kif had thought she was talking about her story 'Pree', when she wasn't. Confusion and hurt feelings abounded. Anyway, all of the information about that incident is at that post.

I left a comment asking where I could find 'Pree' to give it a read myself, and Kif was nice enough to send me a "Review Copy" of the story to check out.

I just recently finished it and I enjoyed it a lot. Even though I wasn't able to read it straight through, uninterrupted, the 97 pages flew past. The pacing was good, the necessary details were present, the dialog didn't feel forced and I liked the main characters and their motivations. There could have been a bit more development for the secondary characters so that their fates would have had more of an impact on me. But overall a good story. In fact, I would REALLY like to read a continuation from where 'Pree' leaves off (hint, hint).

In return for the free copy of 'Pree' I've added a link to my sidebar that will take you to (a site I intend to use if Heather and I can ever get a book put together) where Kif has 'Pree' for sale as both a hardcopy book ($7.72) and a download ($1.25). If you like sci-fi, and have a few bucks to pass along to a new author, you could do far worse than 'Pree.'

* Seriously. There was some major luck involved. Kif writes like a person possessed. I don't mean all crazy and such. I mean she writes A LOT. When I was digging up a link to the post it had almost been knocked into the archive by all of the newer posts.


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