Un-freaking-believable... Oh, and Happy Monday!

Okay. I was all set to send off the story of my Sears Odyssey via email to their Customer Support in the hopes of finding a way around needing the 3-digit code to set up my online account.

I had the whole thing written and when I looked for the customer service email address I was given this:

So, in essence, this means that in order to send this email about how I am unable to get a replacement card with the 3-digit code that I need in order to register my online account, I have to register my online account. Which needs my 3-digit code. That I can't get.

Sorry about this thefoxymama, but

YOU STUPID-ASS MOTHER FUCKERS! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! (spitting fire looking for shit to kill).

So. Any suggestions? I suppose I could print it out and send it to the address they give for "Billing disputes" but I doubt that would accomplish much other than having it sent back as "not our department".


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