My son...

Okay, I may get attacked for writing about this. My son is almost as tall as me now and he's only 12. But I'm going to press on anyway because it was funny. And I'm pretty sure that I can still take him.

The boy sleeps weird. He'll tie himself into a pretzel, talk in his sleep, get up and wander from his bed to the couch. Now there is a new thing to add to his list of sleeping activities.

The other night he fell asleep on my bed. I tried to wake him up and get him to go to his own bed but his body had just decided that it needed sleep and it needed it NOW! Like in "Sims" when you push them too hard and they drop right there on the floor while the house burns down around them. So I left him as he was, under a blanket. I can't lift him and I wasn't about to try and fight him.

My bed is very low to the ground and he was right along the edge of it. About an hour into his nap he seemed to wake up with a very unfocused look. Then he suddenly reached out onto the carpet by the bed, picked something up, popped it onto his mouth and closed his eyes again while chewing and smiling.

My son was sleep eating!

Off the floor!

I was totally shocked! I said, "Justin! What did you just eat?" but a glazed look remained plastered on his face while he made babble noises. I kept asking until he woke up enough to say, "Nothing." then dropped back to sleep.

I eventually got him up and into his own bed and he slept through the rest of the night. I forgot to find out if he remembered anything about it the next day.

I still have no idea if he ate a lint ball, an unlucky bug or a bit of dream food.

It was so weird.


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