Put a bounce in your step.

My friend Justin C. linked to a site where you can get a special little bit of a male kangaroo to wear around your neck just like the Aboriginals did as a warning to the first white settlers 'down-under'.

Personally, I don't want one but I'm pretty sure that this site is one of the few, if not the only one that offers you a link to "Shop for Scrotums"*. I may have to bookmark them just for that alone because you never really know when you might be involved in a horrible, horrible accident that could leave you one scrotum short. I'm not going to dwell on just what type of accident that might be. It's enough to say that it would be "horrible".

A snippet from their main page: "all cherish their personal Kangaroo Scrotum, their 'RooSack', which is put to a myriad of practical uses." Such as containing candied 'RooBalls' for those that like a bit of irony in their snackies.

Now I'm going to be a bit nasty (nastier?) with this next observation/question. I apologize in advance, but I really am curious to know... How many men who purchase their very own 'RooSack', after it has arrived and being sure nobody is around to see... how many of them slip it around their own tackle to see if they will magically be supplied with a kangaroo suit like Mario when he picks up a coon skin cap in 'Super Mario 3'? Or even just to see how it fits? I'm thinking "Some."

May all my American visitors have a great 4th of July weekend and all my foreign visitors have a great weekend that happens to end on the 4th of July.

I have another zombie related piece of artwork that I'll try to have for you by Tuesday. Or later today. But probably Tuesday. Next Friday at the latest.

* Okay, I followed the link and I almost smothered myself by trying to not laugh out loud when I read on the Large Size RooSack that it "Comes loose". Somewhere there is a large male kangaroo, sitting all sad in the bush and saying, "No shit! I wish I'd known."

Once again, be glad you don't have my brain.


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