We now return you to our regularly scheduled nonsense.

I will be continuing the Interview with TJR but it won't be until later this week. I have to get back into the flow of things. Whatever that involves. So, instead, I will relate to you a bit of my morning. Yes, that's right. The absolute epitome of "blog". I'm talking about my breakfast.

For the last few weeks leading up to my vacation I had been in the habit of stopping by McDs and buying a McMuffin to stave off the pangs of hunger until lunch rolls around. Last week I didn't go to work, so I didn't go to McDs. Today I dropped right back into my routine, sad as it is. I even had the money ready. $2.09. But today the total came to $2.20. I thought, "That's odd." and when I got up to the window, while fumbling around in my car's change pit and feeling flustered and unprepared, I asked why the price had gone up. I was told that it was raised to match the other McDs in the area. (and since this is a bloggy blog post) I thought "WTF d00d?!" Who the hell do these people think they are? The Saudi Arabia of breakfast foods? It's annoying enough when my gas jumps 11¢, now my McMuffin is going to do it as well? I don't freakin' think so. And what area are we talking about? Downtown Colorado Springs? All of Colorado? "Match the area" my ass. Am I expected to believe that one McDs suddenly decided to jack up the already too high price and all of the others surrounding them followed suit like lemmings? Do they base their prices off of individual restaurants nearby rather than what the corporate office has set? Does this mean that there might be a rogue McDs somewhere in town who has decided to hell with the others and is still selling hamburgers for a nickel? How far do I have to travel to get out of "the area" and would it be worth the gas?

Like I want to think that much on a Monday. Bastards.


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