Tattoosday 2:

Back when I had been talking about designing flash tattoos a couple of people asked if I would design something for them. I'm still working on Justin's but I've pretty much finished with Kif's, unless she has some changes in mind.

Here's the first version I did:

And how it could look on her back*:

But I didn't quite like it. So I tinkered with it a bit. Nothing big. Made the wings cross:

And again, how it could look:

Happy Tattoosday!


* To the best of my knowledge, this isn't Kif's back. It's a random photo I found while conducting an image search. A bit of warning to those of you out there who might, like I, search with the SafeSearch in Google set to off: The term "bareback" seems to be associated with an awful lot of gay porn. And I do mean an AWFUL lot. As well as the rodeo. Neither of which was useful to me. "Bare back" isn't quite so porn or rodeo laden. Just goes to show what a difference a space can make.


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