All The News That I Care To Share - Tuesday Edition

Thanks again to all who were concerned about my health. I now feel as though I have a minor cold which is quite preferable to the flu. I hope it stopped with me and doesn't continue to pass around to everyone I work with and mutate into something that wants a 401k and benefits.

Hey! Guess what? Tricia and Jenn are trying to breathe life back into the Fizzle & Pop forum! Who knows? It worked for Jesus! Although He wasn't dead nearly as long. Not that I'm saying the forum is anything like Jesus. For starters it won't heal anyone and would sink like a rock in water. No loaves and fishes for any of you out there who might be hungry either; just, you know, words.

I've made both of them full Admins so they can help keep things running smoothly and Tricia has already posted "the words" for a new round of the Storytelling Game. You have far more than a week to participate if you would care to; submissions end on January 16th. Head on over and check it out if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about.

Hey! Guess what else? You remember that video game 'Rez' that I might have mentioned awhile back? The game that I regretted having traded years ago and was selling on eBay for $59-$199? Yeah. That one. Well, I was in Rhino yesterday looking for a unique way to blow my $50 Holiday Bonus and there it was, sitting on the "New PS2 Games" rack. I wish I could have seen my face. Heather wished she'd had her camera. It was $49.99 new. So, yes, it's back in my collection and it won't be leaving without some sort of massive tragedy. And it is every bit as fun and hypnotic as I remembered.

Let's see... I've covered health, forum, Rez... what am I missing?

Oh yeah! A big thanks to Pat Angello for having the contest that led into my possession a 4-disc CD set of his favorite tunes that arrived while I was all flu'd up! They're awesome! And that's not just the flu talking!

Also big thanks to Jared over at Head Injury Theater for having his "Name that obscure movie" art contest at the end of October! The original paintings of my children's Halloween costumes also arrived while I was flu-ridden! Same day in fact! They look great! Still not the flu talking!

Annnnd a pre-emptive big thanks to the Retropolitan for the three prizes he's sent to me that should be arriving by tomorrow! It was going to be one and turned into three! Sweet! I have no idea what they are even though he sent me an email letting me know. He was kind enough to put in a "spoiler warning" and I decided to keep it as a surprise. I'll let you all know what they are when I find out.

Anything else?


Christmas was a lot of fun, even though the last week has felt like a month. I believe it has something to do with sleeping 20 times in a day for awhile there. The kids seemed happy with their haul, Heather enjoyed her presents and I'm pleased with everything I received. There's still debris about the apartment that will need tending to at some point, and there are two new super-fuzzy rodents that will be loved with great gusto until they either die or escape. My money's on "escape". I'm half expecting to come home to a sad little girl with impulse control issues: "I just wanted to pet them and *spoing!* they were out!" They've already been plotting their route over the last couple days during their ball jaunts; I can tell.

Have a great week everyone! I'll try to have a drawing up at some point, depending on how busy I am. There's a big annoying project that is due by Friday and I have half of it, so we'll see.


Pat Angello said…
YAY! Glad you like 'em. We've had a Cash Christmas, a Johnny Cash Christmas that is. My wife received American Recordings 3 & 4 and I used my Best Buy gift card holiday bonus thingie to add ! & 2 this morning. They are absolutely beautiful! Also grabbed the essential JC and the best of Roger Miller. I can't wait to throw them all on an MP3 disc and listen in my car.

Glad you are feeling better. Tell Heather to check for Bang Tango on and Amazon - tons of that second album she's looking for.
Derek Knight said…
I finally got games for my Playstation 2! LIke...NEW GAMES!

I'm positively giddy.
HappyGobo said…
Love the new logo.
HappyGobo said…
By the way that was me. You know. Justin. "The Reel Deal." Still true of me, but not the blog.

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