I'm busy.

Yep. That pretty much says it all. But what the heck? Here are the details: I have a full page, full color ad that turned into a half page, full color ad when I was nearly finished with the shell* – AE: "I'm glad I found this out before you were too far along." Me: "Grrrrr." – and it's due tonight at 5. Nothing is being dropped from it despite having half as much space as before. I just got back to where I was before the size changed and I'm STILL waiting on half of the vehicle information. So. I'm eating my lunch.

I have six drawings to rework; one from Heather, one from Derek, one from Jared and three from my daughter. I obviously didn't get to it on my time off last week, although I DID get some of the house cleaning done that I'd been putting off and all of my Chrstmas shopping and wrapping finished. Not so good for you, but good for me.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


* That means I had everything laid out where it needed to go and was just waiting on the details.


Derek Knight said…
you've got WORK to do today? And look at me, doing nothing, reading blogs...hm...

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