One down, five to go.

I decided to re-work the drawings that I've been given in the order that I received them. That means that Derek is up first.

Here's his original drawing (click for bigger):

I took the drawing, scanned it in, made a trace of his original main lines on a floating layer, then added my "stylistic touches" on a layer above that.

This was the result (again, click for bigger):

And that's enough of that for one day. My fingers are cramped.

Will I be done in time for Christmas? Ho ho no!

Oh, and Derek, if you want me to make the PDF of the final, let me know.


Derek Knight said…
ha ha...You cramped up.

Nice, though, with the detail, etc.
Andy K said…
He's quite burly.
Pat Angello said…
Heather said…
I love it. I can't wait til you're not sick and can do mine!

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