Let the holiday beggin' begin.

Okay, close friends and relatives, if you are at all curious about the things I would like to have for Christmas I made a web wish list with links and everything. It's broken into three parts according to where it would be best to order from. The way I see it, making an online list is no more tacky than asking for money and a lot more helpful than my usual answer of "I don't know. Whatever will be fine." If you pull something from this list I guarantee I'll enjoy it. If you have something else in mind that's fine too. Heck, Derek did made a net list and I totally ignored it since I'd already ordered his gift two weeks earlier.

The list is here: F&P: Christmas Wishes


Derek Knight said…
I dunno. I suddenly feel the urge to be completely and irrationally "pissed off" about your web-based wish list.

Anonymous said…
Collin, I can't tell you how utterly rude an online Christmas wish list is. I am questioning whether we should continue corresponding with one another.
Derek Knight said…
hee hee.
Collin said…
Anony: Nooooo! You're one of my most prolific comment providers! Just pretend the list doesn't exist.

Derek: Stop laughing you!

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