Ho-Ho-Holy Crap! - Part 1

Recently I had reason to hit our ClipArt collection again in search of a Santa. Some of you may recall, way back "in the day", when I used to take some of our more horrid clipart and turn it into CliparToons.

I don't do that anymore.

I will, however do this to you.

I mean "for you".

Below, you will see the first five "Bad" Santa clipart images that amused me. When looking at these, remember, someone did them on purpose AND might even have earned cash money for their efforts:

Here we have an image that would go
GREAT on any company's newsletter.
Unicef perhaps.

"Be good or I will break you."

Now we finally know what Santa
does with the bad little boys and girls.
Well, the boys at least.
"Don't worry Father, they'll be under your tree
Christmas morning as promised. With bells on."

And I've got a bug stuck in my schnoz!"

Judging from the expression on the pig,
this is Christmas in the DEEP South.
"Squeal like a Santa Piggie!"

Others will surely follow throughout the season since I have a pool of over 200. No need to thank me. Don't try to stop me.

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember, you might think that bleach will get the images out of your head but that will just ruin your eyes. You need a drill to really get at them.


Heather said…
My eyes!! Christmas is ruined for me now. Thanks.

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