Thursday, December 08, 2005

Keep your whats'ums* crossed...

*Fingers, legs, eyeballs. Whatever.

John Hubbard, the author I did the cover illustration for awhile back, sent me an email on Monday with a call to artists attached. The business requesting art is a recent horror e-zine called Dark Recesses Press. While they only pay for cover art, they do accept interior story illustrations for which they offer exposure. Something my illustration (haha) "career" could certainly use. I figure at the very least it would offer me some practice which I need, and it would be interesting working with an art director from the standpoint of an illustrator rather than a graphic designer. It'll also be interesting to see if they consider me "good enough".

So, I sent off an email letting them know that I could be available, asking if contributors get a free copy of the zine and sending them a link to my newly constructed Style Portfolio set at flickr. It's some old and some new, several styles represented in the hizzouse. Word.

One thing I've known about my art for quite some time. I'm shyte at drawing backgrounds. I'm too focused on the foreground. Several of my instructors at RMCAD mentioned that as well, "Great job on the character drawing, but you need to develop your background drawing skills to anchor it in place." I suppose I should start sometime. That and hands. And feet. And hair and motorcycles and cars and horses and... and... man. I still have so much to learn.

Anyway, I'll let you know what I hear from them, good or bad. In the meantime, if you want to follow the link to their page and check out their premier issue I won't stop you. They're just finishing up the second issue, due out January 1st, which will take the place of the first issue and the only way to get it after that point would be to order the CD.


Derek Knight said...

my what'ums have been crossed for YEARS now...

I'm starting to get stiff.

Heather said...

Good luck. Everything's crossed for you!

"Boring a hole in the patient’s head creates a door through which the demons can escape, and - viola! - out goes the crazy."