Back from the dead in time for Halloween.

I guess Adverbloggin wasn't as dead as I originally thought. That or, in the words of Mr. Burns of the Simpsons, he "pulled a Jesus!' It seems that he changed his address from this to this without telling anyone and also prettied up his template, much like Jesus would have in his place, I'm sure. Then he kept on writing in the face of much doubt as to the point of it all.

You see, Jesus had an audience for his resurrection. Andy seems to be wrapped in a shroud of obscurity far thicker than even mine. His other two readers didn't even know he changed the site address, that's how sneaky he was.

So would those of you who visit my site mind popping by and checking his stuff out? I can't promise you that you will like it. All I can say is that I find it interesting, and now that he knows he has a potential audience beyond his closest relations I'm curious to see where he will take it.

The pressure's on Andy. Time to walk on water or cure some lepers.

(Also, this isn't the same Andy that comments on Derek's, Heather's and my blog. He still doesn't want to start one.)


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