That was... odd.

My 4-year old just called me. At work. The receptionist said, "There's a little girl on the phone and she's asking for Collin Burton."

Me: What?

R: There's a little girl on the phone and she's asking for Collin Burton.

Me: Um. Okay?

(clicking noise)

Me: Hello?

Jordyn: Hi!

Me: Hi. How did you call me?

J: I figured out how to push the numbers!

Me: That's great sweetie! Is mommy there (thinking she helped her with the phone)?

J: She's in the bathroom.

Me: ...

J: Just a second. (phone is put down)

(picks up after a minute)

J: I have to go.

Me: Wait...

J: *click*

I tried to call back but nobody answered. Then while writing this my ex called and asked, "Did Jordyn call you?" It turns out that my ex was washing her hair when Jordyn went into the bathroom and asked, "Can I talk to daddy?" Ex said no and Jordyn said, "Okay." then ran off. That's when she told me she had to go. When her mom confronted her about it she was informed, "If you push 'A' on the phone the lady will let you talk to dad!" I suppose I should just break down and buy her a cell phone.

And that was my afternoon adventure. I hope you enjoyed it.

I just got a call from the receptionist curious about who that was on the phone. It turns out Jordyn called twice, but hung up the first time. The next time she called back she said "Sorry!" and the receptionist asked if she was trying to call her mommy or daddy. That's when Jordyn asked for me.


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