It's Monday!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyynotreally. I don't know about all of you, but I had a fun filled weekend that went by far too fast.
For starters my Heather, my son and I saw 'The Grudge' on Friday night. I avoided reading any reviews beforehand and hoped for the best. It paid off! We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and Heather has more details about it on her blog.

After the movie she checkedRotten Tomatoes and it was ranked at a 46% (now it's gone up to 56%). I couldn't believe it! I need to see it again and see how it holds up, but I felt that it was the creepiest movie I've watched in some time.

Horror movies are very subjective, I know. What one person finds scary, another won't. I liked it a lot.
Then on Saturday we added my daughter to the group and we all went up to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to check out "The Quest for Immortality Treasures of Ancient Egypt" exhibit.

Heather and I really enjoyed it for slightly different reasons (she loves the history aspect of everything and I love the artistic aspect) but the chilluns got a wee bit bored.

One guard who looked like the only thing keeping him alive was the fear of passing away in a museum kept an anxious eye on us when we were passing though his "turf". The one time my son leaned slightly on a display stand the mummy with a gun was on us saying "Don't touch!"

It was a good thing he didn't see my daughter climb one in the previous section. I got her down real fast without prompting but he would have popped a blood vessel.

And to be fair, all of the stenciled signs say "PLEASE don't touch". That makes it a request in my book.

So I licked Osiris.

We followed up with dinner and games at Dave & Buster's. Looking at their website you might be thinking, "Wow! That looks...lame!" but it wasn't. It's far better than it's website makes it look. The service was very good, the food was delicious (put a tinch pricey) and the arcade was massive.

All around a great, pricey fun day.
We spent the first half of Sunday just relaxing until Heather had to go to work. Then I went home and set about sorting through the huge amount of crap that I've been holding onto for too long. I managed to toss a bag and a half of garbage and about 30 magazines. And I still have more to sort through.

I found some older drawings that I will use to "do a Derek" over the next few weeks when I'm short of actual post material. I was going to lead off with the Goons, but decided to work on that a bit more over the next week. Instead, here's one of my earlier attempts at cartooning.

Do you think it would have been funnier (assuming you think it's funny in the first place) if I had made it "Thanks for praying!"?


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