Won't go around there no more.

Ugh. A quick post to let anyone interested know about my breakfast experience this morning.

I had to get gas (for my car) and the gas station I prefer to use is at the bottom of the hill from my work. Right next to it is a SONIC (America's Drive-In.). I had a few dollars cash so I bought some French Toast sticks and went up to work to eat them.

There's five in a box and the box is like a french fry container. I ate three then I pulled out the fourth one and saw that the end had been bitten off of it. No joke. Remember when I said I have a problem with drinking from a stranger's glass? It's the same with finding something fucked up with my food. And that was fucked up. I'm queasy now.
In looking it over again as I write this I suppose there's a chance that it had been clipped off by the tongs they use since the fifth one has a quarter moon indent in it, but it doesn't have a matching indent on the back. If they scooped up more than one with the tongs that could explain that. And when I put the bits over each other the arcs match.

But either way that's seriously shitty service. You don't clip off a quarter of a french toast stick and then go ahead and put it in the box. And you don't bite the end off and then put it in the box.
The AE handling the ad I have going out suggested that I write the company and get "something like a lifetime supply of –"

"More shitty food like this that I don't want to eat? No thanks," I said. My opinion on the matter is this: I can't prove anything and couldn't possibly gain anything that I would want from making a bigger deal of it than this post. I hate people who sue for stupid reasons and am not about to become one. I'm just never eating there again. Ever. Fuck SONIC and the yo-yos they hire to work there.

I'll try to post some photos at some point, time allowing.


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