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This is through boing boing – of course – and might be of interest to anyone who likes comic books. Personally, the last comics that I collected with any kind of regularity were "The Tick" and "The Maxx". If I go into a comic store these days I don't recognize a majority of what's on the walls and head straight for the graphic novels or collected volumes.

I just don't seem to have the patience for individual comics anymore. If I can get an entire run of a comic series in one purchase that is what I prefer to do. 'JTHM', 'Squee!' and 'Lenore' being at the forefront of my mind. I'm the same way with TV shows. I would rather buy an entire season of a show that I like on DVD than schedule my time around the TV. TIVO would be a good thing for me to invest in at some point.

This idea for comics sounds pretty good to me. Being able to download music that was new to me during the Napster days led me to purchase many CDs that I might have never considered. The same could work for comics.

What do you think?
Also, check this out. Scott McCloud is another person who inspires me, both with his work and his ideas. I've read both his first edition of "Understanding Comics" (for which Will Eisner was a significant inspiration) and "Reinventing Comics". It's probably about time I started to do something with that knowledge, huh?


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