Fun way to spend a lunch hour.

I linked to this at my junk drawer, but I did a bit of work on it myself, so I'm posting it here:

Boing Boing: Katamari Damacy made from paper

I went ahead and rebuilt the image they have for printing at the originating site. I have it saved as a 156K PDF, however my image hosting service won't allow me to put up PDFs, nor will it allow PNG files. I finally had to go with a 344K JPG to link to here:

Click for larger version

But it won't print as sharp as the PDF will. If you are interested in getting the PDF, I've sent one to Cory Doctorow – who posted the original story linked above – so it may show up at boing boing. Or, you can drop me an email or a comment here and I'll send a copy to you.


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