For the longest time nobody has been finding my site by way of (especially) odd searches. Finally there are a few that amuse me:

7 people found there way here looking for "the fizzle dance" and 2 more by just "fizzle dance" and 2 looking for a "fizzle bar" (What the Hell is the "Fizzle Dance"? Is it something you do at a Fizzle Bar to impress "Fizzle Chicks"?)

Actually, there are a whole lot of "fizzle" type searches, including 2 for "fizzle sticks." I like the sound of that. Fizzle sticks! It sounds like something a confused granny would shout after being cut off in traffic, "Aw! FIZZLE STICKS!" Heh.

2 visitors arrived via a search for "alice duke" (I had a link to her art site, but it's now a dead link. Alas.)

1 came for the "nipple pop" (and stayed for the "funny", I'm sure)

1 came for a "large picture of a skittle wrapper" (Sorry to disappoint you on that)

1 was looking for "derek knight hockey" (Wrong blog, he's next door.)

1 asks "why is the sky blue calvin hobbes" (that's a good Calvin strip – where his dad is giving him totally wrong answers to his questions – hope you found it, o' seeker of mirth)

1 randomly seeks "short stories cold snow quiet man 10th grade" (uh. no. I have no drugs for you. g'wan ya bum!)

And lastly a possibly dangerous person was seeking "a barrel that has springs in it and when you open it they pop out". (I wonder if he* would have found me if he had added "knives on springs"?)

So. Nothing really great, but then I'm rarely found by searches. I'm too ninja-like.

*And you know the searcher was a "he". Likely a teen "he" that likes to dress all in black and be moody at stuff. "He" no doubt has a shirt that reads, "I angst therefor I am..."

If "he's" still around and visiting all I can say is, "Hi! I hope you enjoy the site. Drop a comment sometime!"


Anonymous said…
The Fizzle Dance is a song by mac dre. A fizzle is a ebomb (ectasy) and the fizzle dance is a dance you do on fizzle. duh.

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