It's good to be back.

I had the nightmare from Hell last night. It was the type of nightmare I usually have BEFORE going on vacation. I'm never good with the details of these dreamy thingies but here's the gist of it:

It was almost time to go home on Monday night. I suddenly realized I had four brand new ads on my desk that were due at 8 am the next morning and I hadn't started them yet for some odd reason.

Three of them were easy small ads, but the fourth was a monster. It was a quarter page sized ad with somewhere between six and ten new cars that needed to go in and no shell to work from. Each car also had about three pages of extra descriptive information that HAD to be in there.

The AE said that the client wanted to see a proof before I went home and she wasn't going to stick around. She gave me his email address, said I couldn't leave until I heard back from him and then left.

I don't know if the other ads went to other artists or I just ignored them, but all my attention was on getting this one ad built. And it was impossible. It couldn't be done. But that is what I spent my entire night trying to do. I wish I could remember the vehicle descriptions. They were quite insane. The whole time I'm trying to complete this impossible task I'm thinking about how late it's getting and how my kids are at home, waiting for me to show up and feed them and put them to bed, and I'm still fighting this Hell-sent ad.

At some point I snapped awake just enough to know it was a dream and I said to myself, "Just set the fucking thing on fire when you get back." then fell right back into the dream. And forgot that it was a dream. It was like I had drifted off into wakefulness within the dream and was now asleep-awake thinking that I had dreamed that it was all a dream and since I had fallen awake I was even further behind on the ad. Fun, huh?

Then people start coming in and remarking about how they are surprised I'm still there since it's almost 8 am and the ad is only half done and the client is going to be pissed and there is no way I'll be done on time.

Finally my alarm went off and I had to get up and go to work.

Yes indeed. It's good to be back.

As a postscript, against all of my expectations the board has remained empty all morning. That won't last, but I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.


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