A gift in progress

For my son's birthday I've decided to make a custom t-shirt for him to wear to school (for gym or what-have-you). He's getting other stuff too. I'm not that lame. He's getting books! Heh.

To keep me on task so I have a chance of getting it finished and to him before his birthday in mid-March I've decided to post the stages as they are completed here. It also gives me something to post about. Win-win.

On to the art... stuff.

His school mascot is a Viking, so I've been kicking around various layout ideas in my noggin' – I'm horrible when it comes to thumbnailing layouts – and sketched out the viking head that I'll be making the centerpiece of the design. Here that is:

This is a very rough sketch, and I have a few ideas to make it more dynamic, but it's a start.

If this goes well I'll apply the same process (posting the stages as I go) to the projects that I told Mark I would do for him about... um... two years ago now. Yeah, I suck, but I'm trying to fix me.

Oh yeah, and don't let the boy know about this or you'll spoil the surprise. Fortunately, he never reads my site.


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