Holy crap! I've been shot!

Well. Okay. Not me exactly. Someone with my name was though. Shot and killed back in September of 1999.

I decided to google my name after reading an article on Lifhacker about how to Have a say in what Google has to say about you. In addition to having the top spot linked to my post about Viacom ordering YouTube to take down my video, it turned up this:

September Murder Remains Unsolved

After-hours shooting in Central Square leaves a Boston man dead

On Saturday, September 18, 1999, at 3:15 a.m., 30-year-old Collin Burton of Dorchester, with two friends, stopped at Hi-Fi Pizza in Central Square after a night at the Hong Kong and the House of Blues. A green Ford Explorer pulled up outside the Hi-Fi. Burton had a conversation with the occupants, then banged on the hood of the vehicle. The man in the passenger seat then fired through the open window, striking Burton once in the chest. Burton’s friends rushed him to Boston Medical Center, where Burton died the following Monday. Burton’s friends have cooperated with the investigation, but no arrests have been made and no warrants have been issued.

This murder has elevated fears of violence in Central Square, which has long been Cambridge’s most prolific drug and robbery hot spot. Several drug related shootings in Area 4 were reported in the weeks preceding this murder.

Freaky seeing your name associated with a death. Even more so when it's murder.

Also, don't count on an Illustration Friday post from me this week. Still no ideas and even less time. Yes. That's right. Less than no time.


Heather said…
Holy crap is right! That's downright scary! I don't want to know if I've been murdered!
Derek Knight said…
But this Collin Burton was from Dorchester (Dahchestah) so he most likely talked funny.

Wicked funny.
daedan jackson said…
@ derek knight , collin was my cousin and a father and husband , he is sorely missed to this day, his son ran across this after entering their name in google, murder is never funny and your comments are quite disrespectful, in this generation anything you write can be seen by anyone . What if your brother , cousin, mother were murdered would you like me to make fun of that? Hey I'll come laugh at the funeral . To the other collin burton, god bless you, wish you well but your friend is a total dick

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