Oh yeah... the "Pod".

I think I've mentioned on my site the podcast that Derek and I put together perhaps... three times? Maybe four?

We're up to episode 40 now and the new one just went "live". You can get to most of them at this link.

Alternatively you can listen to this weeks episode by clicking this nifty button that I stole from Derek's site:

The half hour this week is all about road rage and such, I gather. To be totally honest, I almost never listen to them after recording them, so most of the time I've forgotten what I've said. Part of it is probably due to my lifelong dislike for the sound of my own voice.

You know, if Derek would really like me to remember to mention the show every week, he should probably email me the link info every Wednesday rather than making me loot it from his domain. Don't you think?

Still, there you go.


Squatchyk said…
I usually listen and crack myself up again remembering poding in real time.

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